25 Replies to “News: New LOTR Game + PS4’s Streaming Music vs Xbox + Oculus Rift Creator Dismisses Consoles”

  1. Oh look there goes Sony sending guys out to change Palmer’s Mind (To those
    who don’t know Shuhei Yoshida was very excited at the thought of Oculus
    Playing PlayStation Games.

  2. Must be nice being a pretty las like Ashley. She gets told what to say and
    gets paid a decent salary for a channel like this because of her looks :D

  3. Was playing music while playing games supposed to be something new, not to
    mention costly?
    I’m pretty sure the 360 had this capability 8 years ago.

  4. Oculus rift is mad cuz no one buys their shit. And sony and Microsoft are
    MUCH MORE successful. 

  5. Quoteres, bloggers, fellow YouTube commenters, I have had my xbox 360 for
    ten years. I have played every halo game out there. I have beaten every
    difficulty on mass effect. I have gotten all three fable games and beaten
    all of them. But nothing, and I mean nothing, has made me think that the
    ps4 is a worse buy than the xbox one.

  6. Music Unlimited costs more than PS Plus and looks kinda ugly on PS3 while
    Ashley looks sooo cute wearing a beanie! #shewaswearingonelastnight

  7. sony could of partnered with spotify but no we are forced to use a app that
    nobody really used on the ps3 great.

  8. that is just great, enemies that can hold a grudge in a game. seriuosly
    though, its a great idea, enemies who can get personal because of my
    action(not pre-programed)

  9. Not interested in LOTR. Not interested in Oculus Rift, it would probably
    make me sick and in my opinion is just plain stupid… I want to see where
    I am when I play.

  10. Honestly cannot wait for the Oculus Rift. I think I care more about that
    than either of the new consoles.

  11. On the Rift: there’s no way the consoles *can* support it, honestly. I
    think everyone should experience the Rift; it’s the wave of the future.
    It’s unfortunate that the hardware in the PS4 and X1 simply isn’t strong
    enough to support the Rift. For 3D to work properly, it needs to hit 120
    FPS(and the Rift is at 1920×1080, a resolution the next-gen systems are
    struggling to get to at a playable framerate, if at all reaching it). Now,
    you don’t need beastly hardware to get those kinds of framerates at
    1920×1080. However, you do have to turn down a few settings to achieve it
    if your machine isn’t quite up to par with 120FPS. Consoles don’t have that
    kind of flexibility, and it’s unfortunate.

  12. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the LOTR game, I’d like to see
    game play and other footage before I consider buying it though…

  13. VR wont be any good till u can put head gear on and play like ur
    dreaming…without any physical movement required at. sorta like SAO.

  14. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA…. 9.99 a month Microsoft?
    AHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA bitch, I got wifi, Ill get it free, and play free on
    my comp, while playing xbone 1 at the same time!!!! AHAHAHHAHAHAHA

  15. The LOTR game sounds interesting, might be the best one since LOTR BFME II,
    apart frm tht they’ve all rle sucked. Waiting for the Oculus to be perfect,
    then I’ll get one

  16. I love how so many of you poeple insult me, even if I awknowledge the
    advantages of PC (and its amasing how mirrors of music videos denots virgin
    to you people….) More and more I hate PC gaming, brought about mor and
    more by the PC gaming ocmunity. And yes, I know the console community isn’t
    great either, but I’ve found the PC community to be just SLIGHTLY worse.
    So…. yeah.

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