How Many Xbox Consoles Will a .50 Cal Go Through?

How Many Xbox Consoles Will a .50 Cal Go Through?

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25 Replies to “How Many Xbox Consoles Will a .50 Cal Go Through?”

  1. should have put them against each other instead of space them out, would
    have went through more

  2. This is fake! I know it is, because I’ve been hunting xbox consoles for
    years now and have only ever seen 2 wild xbox consoles remotely in one are
    at any time. My friend says he shot 2 with one round but I can’t believe
    that! Either those were fake or they were domesticated cob consoles in
    witch case you are a mean and cruel person for shooting domesticated xbox

  3. So the conclusion is make a military vest out of 3 xboxes and you are

  4. plz explain to me how the first xbox 360 was magically flammable, explosive
    and was only ignited by heat or magical bullets that light stuff on fire.

  5. These XBox’s have better not have been working before you shot them. Oh,
    and BTW, this proves how sturdy XBox’s are, they don’t fall apart like the
    shitty PS4 in that video of yours where you shot the PS4.

  6. Is it possible to test how many xbox 360’s an armor piercing tank round
    will go through.

    Also why cant someone make a semi auto rifle that will fire the ammo from a
    tanks main cannon? that will make for a more interesting rifle.

  7. wow you only have 721,475 subs?!?!?!? how is that possible? well i tell you
    what, you now have one more (as long as you promise to keep on exploding

  8. That’s quite amazing considering a .50 is designed to penetrate clean
    through an engine block. 

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