Black Ops 2: BEST CLASS SETUP – “SKORPION EVO” (Beast!) – Call of Duty BO2 Gameplay

Black Ops 2 “SKORPION” – Which gun should I cover next? 😀 ○ BO2 LIVE #33 – Click Here – ○ ALL “Best Setup” videos – http://tinyu…
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  1. I suggest with that gun fmj, ahog scope and exended mg
    This makes the class better at short range and a little up close and the
    fmj acts as using less bullets because it mills quicker this class is the
    best for the scopian

  2. Why do you always play noobs.. And you have THE WORST tatics i’ve ever
    seen. You run into the middle of the map, and you sprint around corners.
    You hardly EVER have your gun up but still your a beast, i dont get it?

  3. For my Skorpion class I use fore grip, quick draw, and fast mag. Light
    weight for perk 1. Cold blooded for perk 2. Extreme conditioning for perk

    And a tactical insertion.

  4. i personally think primary gunfighter with this – long barrel,fore grip,
    and ext mags or laser sight

  5. My Skorpion Class is:

    SKORPION 1/10
    Fast Mag 2/10
    Target Finder 3/10

    KAP 40 4/10
    Extended Clip 5/10
    Knife 6/10

    Bouncing Betty 7/10

    Hardline (Perk 1) 8/10
    Tactical Mask (Perk 3) 9/10

    Secondary Gunfighter 10/10

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