25 Replies to “Full Play – Resident Evil: Revelations Part 5”

  1. Love how the bald guy has nothing like a hood or hat just kitted out with
    all the equipment, whereas the the other guy carries fuck all but a nice
    warm hood.

  2. probably… twice as much exorbitant amounts of ammunition scattered
    carelessly around a ship

  3. Hey paker your a man can you take care of this shit… can you take care of
    this shit…… can you take care of this shit

  4. Dude we don’t completely care about the game, it’s the fact of michael’s
    narrating it that it’s so awesome!!!!

  5. Oml, the intro. xD Too funny. “I’d buy that for a dollar. Ahh, my heart.”

  6. VIGINA MONSTER!!! Those things will shut like a steel trap on you
    sometimes. :p

  7. Vank Bault, hahaha!!! Also, it wouldn’t hurt to check your back while
    playing a zombie game :-).

  8. LOL. I don’t know why, but 38:07 made me laugh so hard. xD The way he
    screamed, and got pushed back, and Michael’s laugh.

  9. This episode was riddled with back-country hollows, shifty go-betweens, and
    palpable danger.

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