Next Gen Split Screen Games

Next Gen Split Screen Games

What games have a chance of being split screen on the xbox one and ps4? OUR SITE: -Check it out for film, tv show and movie reviews!…

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  1. Thanks a lot! Music is by DanO, who does royalty free music, links in the
    description if you are interested in using his stuff for your vids

  2. The music is by Dan O, his website is in the description, all his music is
    free for use as long as you credit him. This particular song is called
    sunspark, its one of my favourites of his.

  3. I surely cant be the only one that prefers to play games with my mates
    instead of with some random retards online ( no offense meant but you know
    how it goes)

  4. “Same Devs as Dead Island..” Considering Dead Island didn’t have
    split-screen, that side note did not give me much hope.

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