25 Replies to “PLAYSTATION 4 GAMEPLAY – Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer 1080p HD (PS4 Ghost Graphics)”

  1. The hue after you added the correction has a yellow tint to it… just use
    the consoles lighting and color.

  2. Who plays a call of duty game for the graphics? Lmao COD has really never
    been a graphical master piece. 

  3. I hate how people who show gameplay never stop talking. Just show me the
    game and shut up.

  4. at 2:00 he say ”wow this game looks good” and the car afront of him look
    like it had been taken from minecraft

  5. I stopped watching at “wow this game looks good” … the piece of crap
    looks like something from 1999.

  6. On YouTube, the graphics look completely the same. When you play the game
    in front of you, you will notice how better it looks though.

  7. If you’re a ps4 CoD ghosts player, feel free to add me on ps4 and we can
    play, only add me if you’re online a lot. I play 6-8 hours a day due to the
    fact I have no life xD so if you want to add me, my psn is:
    xTheBritishBossx and my Kik is: datbritishboss (: remember to say you found
    this comment on YouTube c:

  8. “I can’t even put my finger on what looks different in this game”…
    emmmmmm… the cursors?

  9. wtf watch 2:15 the grass look look like shitt and bad graphics is this
    youtube or the ps4 it self ??

  10. Youtube compresses videos, which results in a dull kinda look. Color
    correction makes it look better

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