21 Replies to “Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Walkthrough – Death’s Door 1 – S Rank Hard Mode”

  1. fantastic guides, it will help me with s rank on hard, but ada’s mission
    and wesker’s r too difficult, thanks to you, ill try and finsih them all
    s-rank to unlock unlimited ammo.

  2. Excellent job in surviving Ada’s scenario. That scene with the hunter
    taking Ada’s shoe, priceless!

  3. burst fire burst fire burst fire BIRDS!!! fire fire fire OK! burst fire
    burst fire burst fire

  4. Ada is just one title behind Leon in terms of most appearances in the
    Resident Evil main canon titles. ever thought of doing a walkthrough of
    Mercenaries mode of 4 and 5? How about Desperate Escape?

  5. Part of me wants to get to this part of the game but for some reason I find
    Umbrella Chronicles a bit too arcadey for my taste. The improved
    presentation in Darkside Chronicles just makes it a night and day
    difference to the point where I kind of feel detached from the storyline in

  6. You really make it look easy Mike, I’m definitely gonna subscribe keep it
    up bro! :)

  7. i made walktrought to)) so subscribe!! I just started my channel so I need
    you people))

  8. “It is important to remain calm and collected. Even in the most extreme

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