16 Replies to “Revolution DLC Map Pack Preview – Official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Video”

  1. If You have GtaV downloaded gameshare me. I’ll gameshare Revolution map
    pack + Dead Island + Bo zombie map packs including Moon + Bo2 Camos

  2. Die Rise is such a great map. Probably my favorite Zombies map of all
    time. Turned kind of sucked though, it was okay at first but it got old
    fast. The MP maps were really good too. This was definitely worth the
    fifteen dollars. Glad it was so good because I’ll be playing Black Ops 2
    for another two years. They added a new company to the cycle. The COD
    made this year will be made by Sledgehammer Games and then it’ll be
    Treyarch’s turn again. :D

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