13 Replies to “Xbox wifi set up( if you still cant get ur ip address)”

  1. Don’t worry it’s alright….. I got it fixed…. I went on system settings,
    I selected wired network then configure network and select Restore to
    Factory Default and click yes….. So then I restarted my xbox and and went
    to system settings and connected to xbox live and it didn’t stop in the
    middle of it it just conneted all the way and started to play Black ops
    multi player live!!!!!! 😀 But thx anyway I still appropriated that you
    tried to help me 😀 So thank you very much!!!!!!!!!

  2. OR instead of doing ALL that, you could just go to advanced settings and
    then click “restore factory default” on your xbox and it will work

  3. black ops 1 and 2 world at war xbox connect games and man vs wild but that
    one get boring real fast.

  4. Never been a big fan of wifi for anything other than a phone or ipod. What
    kinda games you play. I do mainly madden and Battlefield 3 but mainly
    Battlefield 3. Lol.

  5. now once you plug everythong in what popped up and did you use the xbox to
    see if it would tell you the problem? or give you ideas what is wrong? now
    if it wont connect to the adator take it out and plug it back in to the
    back of your xbox. the try test connection and see it that at leaat works
    then write me back.

  6. I have the xbox 360 elite and I used a wifi adapter it wouldn’t work so I
    used an ethernet cable and it still wouldn’t work

  7. You might want to remove this video as people can hack into your internet
    and stop it working etc. 

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