How to Play Billiards Games

How to Play Billiards Games

For the serious billiard player, your work with the red ball is most important, and you must persevere with it even if it is irksome to begin with. Your ability to play billiards games competently rests on this. It is also a good idea to relax for a while by turning temporarily to a few shots of a more spectacular type. The first of these will test two things-your power of cue and the quality of the cushions of the table on which you play the shot.

The cue-ball is 9½ inches from the side cushion, and a foot from the baulk cushion. The first object-ball is 9 inches from the side cushion and a foot from the cue-ball. The red is 7 inches from the top cushion and 11 inches from the side cushion. By playing to the right of the object-ball, you can make a simple two-cushion cannon via the side and top cushions.

But this is not the shot I want you to accomplish. I am asking you to do a fancy stroke of sorts by making the cannon off no less than seven cushions. To do this, you must strike the object-ball thin with check-side on your own ball, which means striking your ball on the left, and you must also strike it fairly high to give it all the forward rotation you can. Let your cue drive clean through your ball, and if your cue-power is free and good, you will make this multi-cushion cannon.

As a shot to show to your friends it is rather amusing-it looks as if you played for the cannon off two cushions and fluked it off seven-so you had better ” nominate it” beforehand. If you take my advice, this one stroke is the only “nomination billiards” you will ever indulge in-the ordinary ” nomination game ” is a wearying and worrying business far better left alone.

A Useful All-round Cannon
To play billiards games, knowing an all-round cannon is useful. It is played when the red is on the spot and the second object-ball is in baulk. You can tackle this cannon in so many ways that I believe you might score it from almost anywhere in the “D.” But the best plan, I think, is to place your ball on the centre-spot of the baulk-line and play a nice half-ball on the red with a bit of running side on your ball.

Played in this way, these cannons are anything but difficult. With a little practice it should be odds on a score every time the red is on the spot and the second object-ball “in the corner”. Furthermore, you will find this shot most useful when the second object-ball is a little removed from its present position.

And by moving your ball to the right or left of the centre spot of the ” D,” while you still continue to hit the red half-ball with running side on your ball, you will be surprised to see what a large amount of the baulk is thus open to attack. If you experiment with this, you will become a really good player of those common cannons from hand when the red is on the spot and the second object-ball is in baulk.

Generally speaking, these cannons are looked upon as “safe” leaves, and they often are, because they are not tackled properly. If you play them as I advise, strike your ball a bit above its centre as well as where you want to hit it for the requisite side, and hit the red a nice half-ball, you ought to make these cannons oftener than you miss them, especially when the second object-ball is “in the corner” or thereabouts.

These shots will enable you to play billiards games competently. Enjoy practising them.

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