Where To Get Cheap Xbox 360 Games

Where To Get Cheap Xbox 360 Games

If you have been playing Xbox 360 for sometime now wether your new or its been years since you started playing. Im sure that you have already notice that it is very addicting. Some days I even play nonstop for 48 hours or so, just eating junk foods and softdrinks. Sounds familiar? Haha! Some of you have even played like there no tomorrow.

Xbox 360 + junk foods + drinks = I wish time would stop. Ive been playing Halo Reach for sometime now and I can say that its very good but we all know that its better to play with your friends. Every Sunday I have my friends over at my house so we could play Halo Reach and some beer on the side too. What more could you ask for ? as soon you and your friends has started playing you wont even notice that time has already pass by. Now who wants to stop in the middle of the game, especially if it is a new game.

Speaking of new game, ever since I bought my Xbox 360 I been struggling to buy new games I mean jesus christ! these games are expensive.That’s why I signed up for one time membership that has discounts on new xbox games and it really save me money and I always have the new ones too. Well im not the kind of guy that just waits around for reviews while others are already having fun with it. But buying the game ahead of everybody has its bad side too, you see when you’re one to the few that bought a game just as its released you’re the one’s who’ll experienced shitty games too. When you see advertisements for new games, oh they’re all so awesome looking. Trailers gets us hype so muched. But just like some people say “Don’t judge the book by its cover”, it sure is true.

If you are like me on a tight budget and still want to buy the latest games maybe you should consider joining HERE


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