Kidney Infection

Kidney Infection
If you are having pain in the kidney, it is important for you to know what is happening with it. You need to confirm the disease or disorder from doctor but in this article; we are providing an overview on pain in kidney.

Kidney pain is basically felt in the flank area in the lower back of either side under the diaphragm and just at the lower edges of ribs. It can be severe, slight and it can occur in waves. Though, it is not necessary that pain in this area is leading to a kidney disease or disorder but sometimes it can be an aching pain which is a muscular pain occurring in the same area.

There can be number of causes of it but the symptoms will recognize the main cause of pain in kidney. In number of cases, the cause of pain is usually kidney stone. This is a condition in which a salt blockage appears in kidney and it is difficult for kidneys to urinate it out of the tract. Mostly, calcium oxalate is stuck in forms of crystal and it is known as kidney stone.

The symptoms of kidney stone include extremely severe pain in kidney, abdomen and lower back, also urination abnormalities like blood in urine, excessive need of urination and itching during urination are more common in kidney stone condition.

Vomiting, nausea and swelling around hands can also appear.If the pain symptoms are different like fever, fatigue and chills are occurring along with difficulty in urination and excessive needs of urination, then there might be some kidney infection. Loss of appetite to cause weight loss is another symptom of kidney infection and the urine flows back in urethra in this condition. Inflammation and kidney pain is resulted in such condition. There might also be some other disorders and diseases like bleeding the kidney or aching problem can also appear within kidney.

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