Playing This Social Game Can Hurt

Playing This Social Game Can Hurt

What is game? Game is a metaphor we used in the dating world to desensitize or objectify what we encounter out in the field so we won’t take it personally. And I got to tell you, it can be painful. There will be nights when you will regret having gone out than if you had stayed home and wish that you had stayed in your shell. What is this emotion? It can be depression, dissatisfaction, disappointment, embarrassment, failure, etc.

But this is a process, and if you ever want take your game to the next level you have to experience those pains for they will be the lessons for you to absorb so you will refine your social intuition and calibration. In fact, don’t even focus on these negative emotions for they will drain you and cause you to have a less objective reflection on your social performance. Reframe your experience in “what can I learn from this?”

So you are out in a club and you open a set, you get the girl talking, you two are dancing having fun and laughing, and you think to yourself, “Already, I got this chick now!” and occupy the entire evening only with her, then out of nowhere she pulls away and acts like she hasn’t met you. Confused? Instead of dwelling on the negative emotions of failure or dissatisfaction, what have you learned?

Perhaps you were too clinging and needy pushing her away and so will need to break give her some space, or you were speaking too much, or not contributing enough to the interaction. Whatever it is, take a step back and reflect upon it to realize the bigger picture, which is to better your skills in the long run instead of banging yoru head against the wall over one little loss; that is how you will win this game.

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