Playing game together makes family happier

Playing game together makes family happier

To choose a suitable game for your family, one of the important factors that you should take notice is the age of your children. It can be Yippee or That is so stupid. At the first time I heard them; I really do not want to join. But after that, I realize that it is actually interesting to create the relationship between members in family.


Firstly, you select one day when everyone will stay at home. If it is possible to find out the day, you try to persuade members in your family to spend at least one night on staying at home.


Then give mom or dads back so that knees can touch it; put a blanket on the floor. You try to do something fun so that they can make the kids fear. It is essential to have a theme for the game. Hawaiian theme can be a good choice for you. In this game, each member wear a leis and pineapples or something can make people think of beach, dance, etc. everyone contribute to idea about the theme like what they understand about Hawaii or ask other members about Hawaii.


There are many games that do not need a theme. What you need is to create the atmosphere and communication. You can choose a game in variety of games such as Yatzee, Life, Clue, Sorry, Chutes and Ladders, Dont Spill the Beans, Uno, Texas Hold Em. In any game, it is possible to add the theme into interval intermission. At that time, if there is someone sit or stand on a yellow square, the rest will have to bite a pineapple, turn s ten and after that eating a macadamia nut is a must.


When the game comes closer to the end, everyone will propose the theme for the next weeks along with snacks. It is not completely difficult as you though. As I mentioned above, you can base on the age of your children. A three year old child will prefer a clown theme ending with balloon, so everyone will have to prepare clown make-up, meanwhile, a 7th grader child will like an art theme or decoration them.


You can find that these games are not absolutely expensive. If you want to make people more excited, you can choose a new game from stores or buy from garage sales for $ 1.00. Even you can see most decorations from your house or a second hand games shops. Although your children are too young to remember games, they can remember that their parents have spent time on playing game as well as talking to them. I can make sure that your family will become happier and closer after playing games together.


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