Why Red Lights on Xbox 360 Consoles May NOT Be a Hardware Problem

Why Red Lights on Xbox 360 Consoles May NOT Be a Hardware Problem

So, you’ve just unlocked Sgt Johnson in Halo 3: ODST on your xbox 360 and suddenly you hear static noise, and the screen goes all funny. The graphics look all distorted and your beloved gaming machine has frozen. The controllers are unresponsive.

It’s does happen from time to time, most consoles do it every now and then. So you do what you have always done in the past. You flick the power switch off at the wall and then power back on. Your console starts up, but now alarmingly there are flashing red lights on the front console, and the screen is blank.

Sound familiar?

Ouch! The red lights on xbox 360 consoles is a status code it uses to indicate there is a problem of some sort with the console. I can tell you it’s happened to me more than once, and rates high on the list of my all time annoying situations! What can be done if you’re in this situation?

Well firstly, the number of flashing lights is significant. The actual number of flashing lights is important when trying to figure out what went wrong.

Three flashing red lights is generally an indication of there being a hardware problem in your xbox, and it’s generally (but not always) related to overheating issues inside the machine.

You see virtually all modern consoles (the powerful ones anyway, sorry wii owners) run hot, because they are so powerful. All that power comes at a cost, and apart from electricity and noise, a lot of heat is generated by this machine.

It appears that Microsoft cut some corners and reduced the size of the heat-sink on the cpu to accommodate the DVD drive). And many would argue that the fan is not powerful to suck out all the heat.

As a result in some 360’s over time the heat sink might move, or the silicon gel not do it’s job properly and you get a freeze at first, but then the red light problems start.

The X-Clamp was Microsoft’s answer to the problem, but in many cases this needs to be re-fitted with new screws and washers and a general clean up needs to take place inside the unit to get it working.

It’s actually surprisingly easy to fix if you are handy with a screwdriver (or actually even if you are not!), and the DIY solution is great for those of us who have an out of warranty box and don’t want to shell out $ 140 and wait 6 weeks for a Microsoft fix.

There are a bundle of online guides showing how to do it yourself, but make sure you understand what the problem is with your game console before starting. Many of the free videos out there often conflicting advice.

One tip I can pass on is to tell you not to use the “towel trick” to fix a dead machine. The purpose of this “trick” is to overheat the machine in order to “reset it”. So this is generally only useful if you have already fixed the problem, and need to “reset” your console so the fix takes effect. Using the towel trick under any other circumstance, can actually compound the problem, so be careful.

Also you should note that not all red lights on Xbox 360game consoles problems indicate hardware problems. Some indicate that a cable is not plugged in correctly (for example).

So make sure you know what the error is before trying to fix it! It pays to be careful before blindly following someone’s advice when fixing your Xbox. Take the time to find a reputable source, and you will be up and gaming again in no time flat!

All red lights on xbox 360 consoles are not necessarily a problem. Learn for yourself how to identify the different error codes and find out how to fix 3 red lights if they are showing on your console in one hour.

Most Popular Game Consoles Today

Most Popular Game Consoles Today

Due to stressful working hours, people tend to find for themselves various ways of entertainment. Below is the list of the most popular game consoles preferred at homes with their pros and cons together:


Nintendo Wii ($ 200)

Nintendo features Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and a Wii MotionPlus attachment and has become best known for its addictive party games, or the occasional fitness game. The Nintendo Wii seems to be the most suitable with children primarily coming into the world of gaming, family gaming, and an environment with a lot of people. However, the Wii appears to be bad for those finding state-of-the-art HD graphics, a robust online community and those loving a wide variety of adult-targeted titles.


Nintendo Wii game console


Super Mario Galaxy is included in Nintendo Wii



Xbox 360 ($ 300)

The Xbox Live is the most complete online console and offers downloadable games, game add-ons, and the capability to buy and rent TV shows and movies, many of which are in high-definition video. Moreover, the Xbox 360 offers streaming Netflix, Facebook, and Twitter applications in addition to ESPN content. In addition to its impressive media capabilities, the Xbox 360 is also an excellent game machine. The Xbox 360 is good for gamers who take online gameplay seriously, having friends on Xbox Live, hardcore and casual gamers, or having a good all-in-one gaming and entertainment system.


Xbox 360 game console


Gears of War 2 is the best-looking game on the Xbox 360



PlayStation 3 ($ 300)

PlayStation 3
Slim provides a solid library of games including the Uncharted, Killzone, and Resistance series, access to the PlayStation Store, and one of the best Blu-ray players on the market. In addition, the PlayStation Store offers lots of films, TV shows, demos, and downloadable games. The PS3 is the most suitable game console for hard-core and casual gamers who aren\’t keen on the ultimate online experience, early adopters and fans of 3D, and videophiles wanting the latest and greatest in Blu-ray.


Play Station 3 game console


The Uncharted series has been on the PS3



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Xbox 360 Games: Impressive Gaming Consoles With New Wonders

Xbox 360 Games: Impressive Gaming Consoles With New Wonders

Vast are the world of games where you could find many of the genres of games into its new kinds and forms. Through Xbox 360 games you could play as many exciting and wonderful games in the context of action, thrill, comedy, sporting games etc.

Suppose you want play action games then you could pick the option of Army men, backyard wrestling, blow out, call of duty, the Da Vinci code and for the other of the entertaining games as per ESPN NFL football, fable the lost chapters, FIFA 07 soccer, Harry potter and the chambers of secrets, knockout kings etc you need to pick their CDs and DVDs and have to insert them in the gaming consoles of Xbox 360.

Cheap Xbox 360 games adds a new flavor in the zone of games varieties. Games which are exclusively made for Xbox 360 cannot be played on the other hand held gaming consoles or on other mobile phones.

Xbox 360 just needs a software within itself to make all the games compatible. With that software you could play many of the latest as well as old games on your personal devices. Play FABLE 2 games on your Xbox 360 published by Microsoft game studios.

With the accessories like controller, HD DVD player, wireless headset, kincet, wireless racing wheel etc you can enjoy the absolute fun of playing games in real one. They could be played as online games as well if they are made for Xbox 360. Online games are the most entertaining form of games which incorporates huge fun and entertainment within themselves.

Either you choose big bumpin, call of duty3, championship manager, dance dance revolution, evil dead: regeneration and so on and see how entertaining your time would be if you choose any of these games for getting desired joy and fun. So, by Xbox 360 of your own and with different games CDs and DVDs and enjoy life in the real sense.

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Ps3 Consoles Vs. Xbox360

Ps3 Consoles Vs. Xbox360

It has a good feature, zocken games, you can with the PS3 Consoles and Blu-rays, and play Dvds. The built-in Blu-ray player makes it possible. 1080p or 720p image display so make the player, not a problem for the dvds look a little better thanks to upscaling. It must remain fair and say that there are better players but the differences are so marginal that it really noticeable only hard-core techies or Sony opponents. The image just like the sound is still perfectly (a good Blu-ray Disc vorausgestzt) and thanks to online capabilities of the PS3 Consoles is the player keeps up to date

Using the Sony remote that you can also buy the player can use more comfortable than the joy pad. It fits comfortably in your hand, looks smart and has all the features you need. The few bucks should invest. It’s worth it.

In addition to the PS3 Consoles can also connect other peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. Cam.

Since it also has its own Internet browser, one could also surf the Internet over television.
A fine thing, on the computer or on a laptop makes it work better, however, and browse.

Now I am slowly but surely time to the point why I even own a PS3 Consoles. They are of course the games.

Was the game offered at the beginning of the era PS3 Consoles not confuse rather poor (to) with bad, can the range of games can be seen more as mitlerweile beads. Most exclusive titles will come probably in 2010, but they could now access and bedenklos zocken a good book after another.

Among the exclusive titles include:
-Uncharted 2
-Resistance 2
Motor Storm 2
-Heavy Rain
-God of War 1 + 2 Collectors Edition
-God of War 3
-Gran Turismo
-Jak and Daxter
-Ratchet and Clank

About the Network Playstion also come up with more games, HD and SD-related films.
The extent of mitlerweile PSN is quite remarkable and it is always worth giving it a try too.
In addition to the PSN there are still Playstion Home by creating his avatar to chat with people and the way to complete some small mini-games can be.

Worth mentioning could be drawn nor the problems of the music on the hard drive PS3 Consoles.

A big advantage if you have preferred to have his original CDs in a closet and fired
Copies does not think much anyway. For Whom the Memory capacity his PS3 Consoles on front and back is not enough can replace the hard drive with a few small, simple and easy steps to upgrade to a few gigabytes.

The only thing I was really annoyed at that time was the unenthusiastic employees from Sony Support (had problems with their internet connection was) to my router. Perhaps a case should not happen anyway. The man from the support has definitely divided missed his calling.

The Microsoft Customer Service is there to better worlds.

The PS3 Consoles and the Xbox360 pay nothing, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

But I am assuming that Sony eventually passes this year, graphically on the Xbox 360, Xbox fans than what I did not continue to bother me because I’m sure that Microsoft itself can think of something to give us gamers at the bar or on the joypad to hold. I have both accordingly consoles, and would not adequately review on the Xbox360 publish. Es be no losers and no winner other than to give the gamers who have now won in every respect.


+ Exclusive title
+ Blu-ray player
+ Movies and games on PSN
+ up to seven controllers can be connected
+ very quiet
+ Internet capable
+ games free online
+ a build in wireless LAN adapter


-some prices too high on PSN
-Playstation Home

More Detail…

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Xbox 360 Consoles: Serves Paramount Games With Real Flavor Of Joy

Xbox 360 Consoles: Serves Paramount Games With Real Flavor Of Joy

Games are always joyous and with its this characteristics it rejoices the people who are fighting how to get relieved from mental stress. We have so many ways to play different kinds of games. We can choose an outdoor games for our physical and mental fitness or can switch over to online games with which we can experience different kinds of games in different levels.

Xbox 360 console is a gaming console generated by Microsoft and ideally famous as the 6th generation of gaming. For the first time it has been launched in 2001, November 15. It is operated with ‘controller S’ which enables the player to play all the kinds of games by connecting Xbox console with the television devices using the cables given along with it.

Xbox 360 consoles are the successors of the Xbox 360 consoles which gave a big competition to the parallel companies of Sony, Sega and Nintendo. You can play games on it by inserting games DVDs and CDs into it. Best selling games of Xbox 360 by 2006 are Halo 2 and 8 million but today many of the hit games series can be found on this games consoles.

If you have any kind of doubt that from where to buy it so that you can save some of your precious money then do a web search which will reveal you all the kinds of information’s related to it like from which merchant to buy it, what prices they are providing it and which of the latest games can be played on it then do a price comparison. In this way, you would be able to cross check that which of the merchant is providing you that entertaining product at what amounts.

It has its operating system as custom which provides a wonderful gaming experience over this product. All you need is to buy a Xbox 360 for your entertainment and get an absolute fun of gaming by sitting at your homes only.


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Xbox Consoles: The New Generation Video Games Console

Xbox Consoles: The New Generation Video Games Console

These Xbox consoles were manufactured by Microsoft and firstly introduced in North America on November 15, 2001. later on this console was released in other countries like Japan, Australia and Europe. These game accessories have created their popularity among a wide group of teenagers, youngsters as well as kids. Apart from playing games, there are certain other games like COD Marvel Ultimate Alliance, War craft, Halo, Star Craft and Final Fantasy that can be additionally used as themes design.

These are the new type of accessories that has been introduced in 2005, and were much better than the other ones. This Xbox 360 possess premium storage, video and audio competencies as compared to the original Xbox. These accessories has a multi-player capability and can be connected to the home LAN system through your personal home system. Further, these boasts certain computer like features such as in-built hard drive, etc. A well-supported online gaming network called Xbox live is used for playing games through this. These are gaining their popularity day by day and has become the favourite accessories for its users with different themes.

So, if you are looking for buying a Xbox 360 consoles, the website xpert4u.co.uk is the one that offers you these gadgets at very cheap prices. With the help of these consoles, you can play many online games and enjoy the fun. Apart from this, there are several web portals for different stores that are available on this website. These web portals can help you in price comparison also so, that you can buy the one that suits you as well as your budget.

Further, there are many exciting deals that are available to buy these exclusive games accessories. Some of the famous accessories that are widely used are available on our portals are Sony Play station , Xbox 360 Arcade, 360 Elite, Nintendo Dsi and others. You can afford these awesome games accessories at the cheapest and best deals.


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