Xbox 360 Problems: Repair Your Xbox 360 For Cheap

Xbox 360 Problems: Repair Your Xbox 360 For Cheap

The Xbox console took the world by storm. With its introduction being less than half a decade ago, the Xbox console has gained great popularity among the users. It is termed to be the best in the playing of games especially by the video game lovers. However, it is faced with the red light problem.

To most owners, the option of Xbox 360 repair from home is the most preferred. This is due to the long waiting time when returned to the manufacturer, Microsoft, to do the free repairs which are covered in the three year warranty. The problem can be fixed from home by the use of an Xbox 360 repair guide.

The main problem faced in this fast Xbox 360 red-light problem fixing is getting a reliable Red lights guide. There are a number of guides available in the market today. To get the best, it is highly recommended that one conducts a research on each available one. One can inquire from friends or conduct an internet search on the best guide. This will ensure that you get a reliable guide which will let you know whether or not you are taking the right action.

At times, one might get a broken Xbox 360. This can be due to hardware or software problems. To help determine the problem, one needs to troubleshoot the console. Power it off; remove any unnecessary accessories as well as the hard drive. Fix the hard drive back and power it on. If the problem persists, it means that the problem is most likely on the hardware. If the software has a problem, the Xbox 360 red ring of death, for example, will not be present after powering up but will materialize after some time. Fixing has to be done as soon as possible. However, if uncomfortable with using the Xbox 360 repair guides, you can bite the bullet and have a ”professional” do the repairs for you, but the cheapest way it to use one of these great Xbox 360 Guides to fix it yourself fast.

Guide to help you Fix your XBox 360 Fast

Xbox 360 Repair

Xbox 360 Repair
Been having trouble with your Xbox 360 lately?

It might need an Xbox 360 Repair.

Order the right parts, complete the 360 Repair, and you can get back to your gaming action. More people are carrying out their own console repairs thanks to competitively priced parts that are available on the internet. Such is the huge demand for PS3 Repairs, PSP repairs and an Xbox 360 Repair; web stores have become established that are committed to offering low cost console parts.

Put an end to your console woes with a simple but effective Xbox 360 Repair. Its easier than you think to find replacement parts and you dont have to be an electronics engineer to complete a successful mend either.

Feel confident enough to carry out the Xbox 360 Repair?

Have a look online to price up the replacement parts.

The first thing you need to do is to establish whats wrong with the console. Ok, you might be thinking, how on earth can I tell whats wrong with the machine? The good news is; advice is available through the suppliers of console parts, so you can establish what type of Xbox 360 Repair youll need to carry out.

Some of the most common faults are listed on websites and you simply match the faults to the symptoms of your console. If in doubt, give the supplier a ring before you order parts, just to make sure that you are buying the right accessories for the Xbox 360 repair.

Its easy and your Xbox 360 Repair or PS3 Repairs will save you a stash of cash.

Just when you thought it couldnt get any simpler

Did I mention that most of the parts supplied for the Xbox 360 Repair come with full instructions telling you how to go about fixing your console? Sorry!

Yes, its true, buy parts and they arrive with full colour printed instructions that become your step-by-step guide to the Xbox 360 Repair. Its the same for PS3 repairs as well. Parts for this console have useful DIY instructions as well.

Blimey. How hard can it be to carry out an Xbox 360 Repair on a poorly performing, or non-operational machine?

Not very is the answer, and if you find you have problems with your games console in the future consider tackling the issue by completing a do it yourself Xbox 360 repair. Otherwise youll have to get someone else to repair the console on your behalf and who knows what they are likely to charge? specialise in Xbox 360 Repair. We sell repair parts and accessories for all the leading games consoles. Visit us today for competitively priced PS3 Repairs.

Xbox 360 DVD Repair

Xbox 360 DVD Repair

There are certain common problems every owner of X-box 360 might experience once in the console lifetime. Like all machines, most vulnerable parts are the moving parts. The DVD player of the box makes no exception. The unprecedented warning message saying that your disc may be damaged is just one of the many. Few gamers have spent more than 30 seconds on the manual and unless some malfunction drive the console unusable. The DVD failure is a terrible hardware problem and should definitely be timely spotted and possibly removed by some swift Xbox 360 DVD repair work.

Now, you X-box 360 proud owners are well aware of the green circle around the illuminated power button at the bottom of the console. However, too few owners know the fact that these same quarter-circles can lit in different colors. If it is red, it means hardware trouble. As soon as you see that happening, immediate action is your best bet. Get ready for Xbox 360 DVD repair.

Don’t get you machine disassembled right away, for the reason behind the alert could really be some dust or minor scratches on your game DVD. After you eliminated any software glitches that might have been causing the X-box to emit warning signals, you are now ready to test the DVD drive. And this involves tackling bunch of screw as well as twinkling around some lenses and tiny cables. Very delicate piece of work!

By that time you should have be absolute certain if you are really up to do the Xbox 360 DVD repair yourself. Usually it is not very wise to test your ability to solve X-box hardware problems if this is your first time you try to do such precise work, and all you have is some encouraging blog posts and a screwdriver. Do not trust “this could be practically done by anyone” messages and such. If you are just a curious gamer ready to save money from some pro repair work, you risk inflicting an irreversible damage to your console.

Of course, a well documented common fact is that damage is most often being done by improper use by the owner. This can be easily concluded by the ridiculously low number of lawsuits against Microsoft.  The engineers behind the console have done a really great job this time. The sad thing is that official Xbox 360 DVD repair work takes usually a lot more than the standard approximate 2-3 weeks.

If you would like to find the best Xbox 360 Repair Guide then visit this free resource site showing you Xbox 360 Repair Videos.

Microsoft Xbox Repair

Microsoft Xbox Repair

I was having a perfect afternoon. Nothing to do but enjoy my Xbox, which I hadn’t done in awhile since work and life were busy. I just got home from Best Buy and I was ready to try out the new Call of Duty (a great game if you have not tried it out by the way!). After playing for a while, okay I admit, I was playing for a few hours. My Xbox 360 froze. Nothing I could do could help to reset the system. Needless to say I was pissed, I had fallen victim to the RROD the Xbox red ring of death.

So what was I to do? I knew my Xbox was not covered under the warranty so I was forced to figure out what was wrong with the Xbox. The Xbox is an awesome gaming console, there is no arguing that but the fact that it had frozen was more than a little annoying. After some research I discovered that my Xbox like so many others was overheating and that overheating was caused by a defect in the heat sink.

No warranty, no one could tell me how to fix it, so my next step was to figure out an Xbox repair for myself. What I was trying to do is just try and figure out how to avoid the Xbox overheating problem. Maybe there is a Microsoft Xbox repair guide. It couldn’t be difficult, all I got is common sense.

This last time my Xbox froze I noticed my console was hot. And not just a little bit, it was like asphalt on a hot summer day. The only thing I could do was let it cool off, but that was not a permanent fix and it became obvious that I needed a permanent Xbox fit.

I found a Microsoft Xbox repair guide that actually helped and explained exactly what was caused the overheating problems. But before you get the Microsoft Xbox repair Guide you should try to prevent this problem and extend the life of your Xbox a little.

Here is How:
1) I know it is hard, but don’t do marathon gaming sessions.
2) Don’t put your Xbox on the carpet.
3) Don’t put the Xbox in a cabinet or small space so that it has no air flow for the fan.
4) Don’t try to fix it with the towel trick, you’ll be sorry. Trust me.
5) Don’t leave it on when you are not using it.

Hopefully these tips help the Xbox overheating problems and bring your dead Xbox back to life. If it is too late for the tips I listed above I would look for a good Microsoft Xbox repair Guide.

Hi, Jon here. Just your average gamer spreading the word about the defects of the Xbox and how you can avoid some problems down the road. Hope my tips help. If your Xbox has already got the ‘Red Ring of Death’ or the freezing screen problems you are going to need a permanent Microsoft Xbox repair. Happy gaming.

Repair My Xbox 360

Repair My Xbox 360

A lot of people nowadays have been doing do-it-yourself-repair to save money. If you are encountering some problems out of your Xbox 360 console, then you might want to learn how to repair it.

Can I repair my Xbox 360? If you are asking this kind of question, then you might want to learn that this is possible. Here are some solutions to fix your Xbox 360 on your own.

I’m sure you are familiar with the first step which is to unplug the main power. From there, remove the hard drive then plug the power again. Once it is plugged, turn your Xbox 360 on. If it didn’t work at all, try shutting down the power once more and return your hard drive back in.

The second step would be to unplug everything that is connected to your system and that includes video connections too. After disconnecting all that has been plugged to your console, its time for you to reconnect again and try to turn it on. Make sure that the connection has been properly plugged. If these simple steps didn’t work out then your Xbox 360 is in more serious problem.

At this point, try to check if your Xbox 360 has still valid or extended warranty from Microsoft. If it does, then go ahead and let Microsoft do the repair for you for free. This is one of the best things about warranties; the manufacturer will surely accommodate you when experiencing such kind of problems.

Overheating is one of the common problems of Xbox 360. So check if your system is well ventilated. In this case, you might want make sure that your system has enough air circulation.

Opening up your console of your own isn’t that hard at all. However, you are risking any warranties of your system. You just need to follow simple instructions that you can find online and be sure to make it right. Now ask yourself, Can I Repair My Xbox 360?

Save tons of money and learn how to repair your Xbox 360 all by your self. Go to and we will show you tips, steps and more information about your Xbox 360 getting repaired!