Ps3 Consoles Vs. Xbox360

Ps3 Consoles Vs. Xbox360

It has a good feature, zocken games, you can with the PS3 Consoles and Blu-rays, and play Dvds. The built-in Blu-ray player makes it possible. 1080p or 720p image display so make the player, not a problem for the dvds look a little better thanks to upscaling. It must remain fair and say that there are better players but the differences are so marginal that it really noticeable only hard-core techies or Sony opponents. The image just like the sound is still perfectly (a good Blu-ray Disc vorausgestzt) and thanks to online capabilities of the PS3 Consoles is the player keeps up to date

Using the Sony remote that you can also buy the player can use more comfortable than the joy pad. It fits comfortably in your hand, looks smart and has all the features you need. The few bucks should invest. It’s worth it.

In addition to the PS3 Consoles can also connect other peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, printer, etc. Cam.

Since it also has its own Internet browser, one could also surf the Internet over television.
A fine thing, on the computer or on a laptop makes it work better, however, and browse.

Now I am slowly but surely time to the point why I even own a PS3 Consoles. They are of course the games.

Was the game offered at the beginning of the era PS3 Consoles not confuse rather poor (to) with bad, can the range of games can be seen more as mitlerweile beads. Most exclusive titles will come probably in 2010, but they could now access and bedenklos zocken a good book after another.

Among the exclusive titles include:
-Uncharted 2
-Resistance 2
Motor Storm 2
-Heavy Rain
-God of War 1 + 2 Collectors Edition
-God of War 3
-Gran Turismo
-Jak and Daxter
-Ratchet and Clank

About the Network Playstion also come up with more games, HD and SD-related films.
The extent of mitlerweile PSN is quite remarkable and it is always worth giving it a try too.
In addition to the PSN there are still Playstion Home by creating his avatar to chat with people and the way to complete some small mini-games can be.

Worth mentioning could be drawn nor the problems of the music on the hard drive PS3 Consoles.

A big advantage if you have preferred to have his original CDs in a closet and fired
Copies does not think much anyway. For Whom the Memory capacity his PS3 Consoles on front and back is not enough can replace the hard drive with a few small, simple and easy steps to upgrade to a few gigabytes.

The only thing I was really annoyed at that time was the unenthusiastic employees from Sony Support (had problems with their internet connection was) to my router. Perhaps a case should not happen anyway. The man from the support has definitely divided missed his calling.

The Microsoft Customer Service is there to better worlds.

The PS3 Consoles and the Xbox360 pay nothing, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

But I am assuming that Sony eventually passes this year, graphically on the Xbox 360, Xbox fans than what I did not continue to bother me because I’m sure that Microsoft itself can think of something to give us gamers at the bar or on the joypad to hold. I have both accordingly consoles, and would not adequately review on the Xbox360 publish. Es be no losers and no winner other than to give the gamers who have now won in every respect.


+ Exclusive title
+ Blu-ray player
+ Movies and games on PSN
+ up to seven controllers can be connected
+ very quiet
+ Internet capable
+ games free online
+ a build in wireless LAN adapter


-some prices too high on PSN
-Playstation Home

More Detail…

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